A Social Club

Hong Kong Round Table is a charitable club that raises money for local and regional charities through a variety of fun events. The most visible of these events is the annual 24-hour Pedal Kart Charity Grand Prix

Today, Round Table in Hong Kong comprises three tables of like-minded young men who meet once or twice a month to advance the club's objectives, namely:

  • Raising money for charities, promoting international relations (up to 20% of RTHK's funds are available on application to worthy overseas charities).
  • Helping out in the community through a range of initiatives typically aligned with the charities we support.
  • Having a good time whilst doing all of the above!

2015/16 Hong Kong Round Table Officers:

  • Bob Dekkers (President)
  • Cliffton Syngkon (Secretary)
  • Gordon Marsden (Honorary Treasurer)
  • Philip Quinn (International Relations Officer)
  • Christen Halter (Social Affairs Office)
  • James Swatton (Pedal Kart Grand Prix Chairman) 

A Hong Kong Charity

The Association of Round Tables in Hong Kong Charitable Foundation (香港圓桌會慈善基金) was formed on 27/3/1979, and obtained tax exemption status under section 88 of the inland revenue ordinance from the Inland Revenue Department of Hong Kong (IR File No: 91/1604) on 28/6/1979. 

Round Table in Hong Kong was at its peak in the early eighties, where there were ten tables, each with 20-30 members. Membership of round table is limited to men below the age of 45, however we have a sister club: Ladies' Circle.

2015/16 ARTHKCF Board of Directors:

  • Pablo Cot Gonzalez (Honorary Chairman)
  • Gordon Marsden (Honorary Secretary)
  • Titus Chiu (Honorary Treasurer)
  • Chris Chung (Honorary Director)