Hong Kong Round Table supports a range of local and regional registered charities via financial donations or by volunteering the time, knowledge and connections of its members. 

We generally only support requests for capital expenditure investment (as opposed to operating expenditure), and all of our work is fully audited on an annual basis.

Funding requests can be raised by contacting us directly, at which point a member will be appointed as point-of-contact.

Find below a selection of some of our donations in the last few years.


Impact HK - Donation of HKD200,000 to support their ongoing work with the homeless and establishment of ‘Guest Room’

Lifelong Animal Protection - Donation of HKD129,500 to support their animal protection work

Tagsibol Foundation - Donation of HKD247,000

Sailability Hong Kong (Hebe Haven) - Donation of HKD170,000

Kely Support Group - Donation of HKD166,450

Cambodia Children's Fund - Donation of HKD101,000

Soap Cycling - Donation of HKD50,000


December 2017

Love 21 - Donation of HKD69,600

November 2017

CNCF Christina Noble Children’s Foundation - HKD68,212.70

Crossroads Foundation Limited - Donation to Crossroads to support Tai O Village rebuild after devestating typhoon - HKD289,100.00

Impact HK - Donation to Impact HK in support of their Laundry services for the homeless - HKD24,000.00

October 2017

CareER Association Limited HKD57,300.00

September 2017

The Hong Kong Society for the Aged (SAGE) HKD120,000.00

July 2017

PathFinders Limited - Donation of HKD73,550.00

Caritas - Hong Kong - Donation of HKD17,500.00

Hands on Hong Kong - Donation to Hands on HK for Bethune House Program HKD17,400.00

April 2017

Hong Kong Society For The Deaf - Hong Kong Soc for the Deaf Therapy Room donation of HKD369,850.00

March 2017

Missione Possibile Hong Kong - Donation of HKD100,000.00

Crossroads Foundation Limited - To support their Container Strategy Round Table made a donation of HKD50,000.00

January 2017

Feeding Hong Kong - Made a donation of HKD72,400.00


April 2016

- Donation of AUD22,800 (~HKD136,500) made once again to the John Fawcett Foundation to fund equipment and medicines needed to screen for eye problems as well as perform hundreds of life altering cataract operations in Indonesia

- Donation of HKD27,675 made to CareER to fund equipment such as computers to help set up joint SEN committee with disabled students from PolyU, CUHK, CityU, HKBU, UST and HKIED 

March 2016

- Donation of USD11,500 (~HKD89,000) made to Heal Kids Foundation to fund the build of a school in Myanmar that will support up to 70 children in the school and provide education to them

- Donation of HKD71,025 made to PathFinders to fund the furnishing for two new shelters, providing support to homeless, migrant mothers and their babies

February 2016

- Donation of HKD100,000 made to the Hong Kong Society for the Aged to provide escorting service when elderly singleton requires to have doctor consultation; and major household cleaning in case the elder could not handle himself/ herself physically

January 2016

- Donation of HKD18,000 made to the Lok Chi Association for sponsorship of 1) Press conference – how mentally-handicapped people can develop meaningful life; 2) Performance event of 40th anniversary of Lok Chi Assocation; 3) the special issue of 40th diamond jubilee

- Donation of HKD165,000 made to the Hong Kong Sea School to convert a big room on the ground floor of the dormitory into a Academic Activity Centre


November 2015

- Donation of HKD18,000 made to Caritas Community Centre to support South Asian Families’ Grassroots Dinner – ‘Culture on the Table’ Fiesta 2015


June 2014

- Donation of HKD100,000 made to the John Fawcett Foundation to fund equipment and medicines needed to perform hundreds of life altering cataract operations in Indonesia. In July 2014, a further donation of HKD55,000 was made to fund disposable glasses


March 2013

-  Donation of USD8,000 made to Swim Vietnam to fund a swimming pool and related facilities in Dai Loc to provide lifesaving swiming lessons to local rural children and train adults as teachers