Pedal - Information for Teams - 7 weeks to go.

Pedal - Information for Teams - 7 weeks to go. As with prior emails this information will also be available on our website.


A) Tsunami Sport Ltd have agreed to provide the Organising Committee with shirts so we can be clearly identified on the race days. I'm delighted to say that they are also offering a competitive deal for teams who still need kit (see attachment). Get onto this quickly owing to lead in times and note that by using Tsunami for your team you will be making additional contributions to the Charitable Foundation.


B) We now have a number of groups ready willing and able to support teams including Kerry's nine to five for catering, Rosedale and The Park Lane Hotels if you want or need some chill out / freshening up space for your teams. Many others suppliers support the event and i hope to get out to you a full suppliers list in the future.


C) See a "Race Run Down" on the attached. This might change slightly but please read and especially for new teams i hope it provides some valuable insights. There will be an opportunity to ask questions at the managers briefing on the Tuesday of race week or if the matter is urgent please email me. 


D) New team karts - Arrived in HK over weekend. Seperate email to follow on pick up arrangements. 


E) I re-issue the entry form information with details of your kart numbers that must be clearly displayed on your karts. This is the final chance to check the details as they appear as this version will be inserted into the 2014 event brochure.


F)  We have been approached by the organizers of the HK Classic Car and Vintage Festival to display karts and promote our own event. This is taking place this weekend as you can see from the event website. I'm am finalizing whether we have karts available to display and if we do then a few additional people that could turn up for part of the event to 'man our booth' would be appreciated. We'd need to pre-register you so that you could also bypass paying the entry fee for the the event but let me know. Suggest 2 hour time slots.


All for now.