One week to go - Pedal kart

One week to go - Pedal Kart


Managers briefing on Tuesday evening (18th) starting 7pm at DTZ offices, 16F, Jardine House, Central. We are expecting not less than two representatives per team as per your original entry form (Team Manager and Alternate), but also happy if you bring along a team captain for each pedal kart or other key represenatives who you think will benefit from attending.


Each kart entered will receive a bag with information and essentials for the race like paperwork, bands, brochures etc. You should by now have provided an excel spreadsheet with your pedalers details. You should also have information on your marshals for your appointed time slots and you should have provided the vehicle licence plate and clarification if that vehicle is a delivery vehicle or is intended to stay during the event (only teams with multiple karts allowed to keep one vehicle for the event duration). See "Information for Teams - 5 weeks to go" for more detail and the excel document.  


We hope that the managers briefing will be finished by 9pm.


I believe Wolfgang will be at the Managers Briefing for questions on the new karts as will 9 - 5 catering for any last minute demands for food for your team. We will also have a fair few of the Organising committee, Round Tablers and Ladies Circle.


All from me.



Tel - 9220 3129.