2014 HK 24 Hour Charity Pedal Kart Grand Prix - 10 weeks to go


10 weeks to go before the 2014 HK 24 hour Charity Pedal Kart Grand Prix.

I plan to send weekly notes, which will also feature on our facebook pages and website. See base of this note for details. Last week (11 weeks to go) was the first of these, it included important information on Dates for diary, our need for volunteers, our plan to have certain suppiers etc etc. Please make sure you have digested that one also. The following note also includes important team information as well as attachments that you should have regard to.

A)     44 karts (as compared to 31 last year) so exciting, but a lot busier in the planned pit / restricted area. I attach a summary of the 44 teams including the Construction Class, Industry Category and Engine. Please check the details for your teams and revert only if the info is incorrect. To make a competitive environment we have slightly adjusted some of the Industry classifications so please check these carefully (in exceptional cases we will consider entering karts in multiple categories). I jest (!) but congrats to the MTR team who have already picked up the 'Veteran' trophy and Poly U for the ‘Higher Education’ award! On a serious note we do our best to create competitive environments so we can have some races within the race but not always possible. Do let us know if you have any thoughts or recommendations on changes we can make. Your choice of ‘Engine’ places restrictions on number of peddlers. For ALL Karts (even for fun karts) we will need names and HKID (alternatively passport numbers) for each peddler so they can be preregistered and so we can provide a suitable number of pit passes. Please start to pull this information together.


B)      The event is run to raise money for Charity. The 2013 brochure and our (in production) 2014 brochure provides details on charities we have supported as does our social media. Please do contact us if you would like us to consider a charity you know. Sponsorship forms were on a worksheet alongside the entry forms (and can also be downloaded from our website), but I can also inform that we now have a PAYPAL account set up which is accessed from our website’s dedicated pedal page -/pedal/ . Don't forget to print your own receipt!


C)      For the 8 teams that are relying on karts all the parts are being shipped to HK for assembly in HK. I’ve been sent a load of photos which I hope to upload on our facebook pages, but I guess the most important is the cone and canvas covering for branding. I include documents here so you can start to plan. For these teams also please begin to think about where you will want to store your kart as we’ll be in contact early October to make arrangements for you to take possession of your kart to get some practice in and to complete your branding.


D)     We have two facebook pages as detailed at the base of this email. Please ‘like’ our pages. Please where possible ‘link’ your company to our facebook pages and please ask all your teams members and supporters to ‘like’ us a well. It’s a simple but effective way of spreading the message about our event.


E)      Photos – We are preparing our 2014 brochure and would welcome photos. If you have photos of past events please send them to me by ‘Drop Box’. Use gordonhmarsden@gmail.com  If you send them we will assume that we have authorization to use them in the brochure and other marketing material, so if they are not your own photos please ensure that the person who took them is aware. The more the better to re-stock our database.

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