Pedal -Information for Teams - 8 weeks to go.

Pedal -Information for Teams - 8 weeks to go.


A) Event timing - I hope by now teams have received our event brochures for display around your offices and places of work. We have more if required. They indicate a 12 pm (noon) start on the Saturday whcih is an hour earlier than 2013. The early we start on Saturday the earlier we finish on Sunday which helps with event logistics of the take down when everyone is tired on Sunday afternoon. 12 pm (noon) might be a little optimistic but we plan to try and so when advertising the event we felt better to put the earliest time possible for the start! This will mean all set up vehicles not staying for the event will need to depart by 11am. I will brief on access times next week.


B) Have you got your team flags for the parade?


C) The Park Lane Hotel and Rosedale Hotel. Our timing people use the Park Lane Hotel and then I understand at least one of our participating teams uses the Rosedale Hotel, where they take a couple of rooms so that team members can grab showers, even a short sleep! Both are very close to the venue and both offer favorable rates. If you want details for either hotel please let me know.


D) Karts are expected to arrive in HK in a weeks time. They will be initially stored in Kowloon Bay where Round Table will check that they fulfill the criteria and pass our scrutineers test. They will then be made available for collection by the teams between / within a couple of predetermined time slots. Return of the karts for those renting will be circa 2 weeks post the pedal event so YOU will need to make arrangements for drop off and collection on the race days. Two weeks ago i sent through information on the canvas covering (best place for logos etc). If you want to have your logo placed onto the canvas directly by the manufacturer please contact (i suggest you copy me in). Logo's / design preferred in vector format i.e. a.i .


E) Please organise for the Return of Trophies from last year to be returned at the Managers briefing (i.e - please bring them with you to the managers briefing).

All for now