11 weeks to go before the 2014 HK 24 hour Charity Pedal Kart Grand Prix.


I plan to send weekly notes, which will also feature on our facebook page and website. See base of this note for details.


A) Safety is paramount, so ensure your teams are familiar with the race rules and regulations. With more teams we will be taking closer notice of pit lane speeds / infringements and our Marshalls and the Race Officials will be empowered to pull karts off the track to incur time penalties.


B) The event is run to raise money for Charity. The 2013 brochure and our (in production) 2014 brochure provides details on charities we have supported as does our social media. Please do contact us if you would like us to consider a charity you know. Sponsorship forms were on a worksheet alongside the entry forms (and can also be downloaded from our website), but I can also inform that we now have a PAYPAL account set up which is accessed from our website’s dedicated pedal page - . Don't forget to print your own receipt!


C) Dates - A managers briefing will take place on Tuesday 18th November at 7pm at the offices of DTZ, 16F, Jardine House, Central. Two reps from each team must attend. More information will follow on this. We expect to finish at 9pm. Post event we will have an awards evening and tentatively this is scheduled for Tuesday 9th December at 7pm.


D) Volunteers - we need some (ideally lots!). Friday set up (most of day and includes some heavy lifting), Sunday take down (afternoon), Marshalling during the race and then anyone with technical expertise who can perhaps be a floating resource to help some of the new teams.


E) We will be having a single Food and Beverage operator who will have a stall at the event, but who is also able to handle your teams catering needs if you pre-order. I hope to be able to reveal their identity in the next week. Accordingly please think about this option. Likewise for team kit / clothing we have been approached by a couple of groups who want to support the event if we in turn can support them by making connections. Again an announcement in the next week or so.


F) Kart update - our supplier is working hard on development of your karts. I'm waiting on specifications for the cone so that I can get these through to the teams that want to self brand. The manufacturer has also offered to help with branding and further help is at hand from Round Table 7 who have a supplier they are happy to put you in contact with. I will try and get all this info to you as soon as possible. Kart numbers - You will need to have your kart number clearly visible on your kart. I plan to release kart numbers next week.


G) A heads up on track layout. Racing track much as 2013 but we are changing the internal layout a bit reflecting more teams. What this means is; Teams with more than 1 kart entered will be able to bring one vehicle (pre-registered) into the middle area and leave it for the race duration. For teams with only one kart we don't believe we will have the required space for all the extra vehicles so I'm afraid this won't be an option for you. For all teams you may pre-register a vehicle for the purposes of delivery and collection, but they are not to remain in Victoria Park during the race. I will write closer to the time of the race requesting vehicle information. We will have a restricted area as we did in 2013. This is for safety and security. Teams will be issued with team passes and a set number of visitor passes which may be transferred, but EVERYONE inside the restricted area must have either a team pass or visitor pass. This will therefore limit the number of visitors at any one time which we consider to be a fair compromise. All children must be accompanied. The pit area per team is 2.57m x 2.57m (same as last year), which will be supplied by the organizing committee, as will welding tent and first aid. As per 2013 we will also have a public area inside the track, with stage, with a food and beverage operator, with some fund for the kids (bouncy castle, Rumple and Friends live shows), band and deejay. Lots of reasons to invite people down to the event.


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