and the WINNER is......

Congratulations to RT7 KBIA on winning the 2015 Pedal Kart race covering 718km / 446 miles in the 24 hours. Second in the Formula One category was HAECO Lightening with Cathay Jumbos 3rd. KGV Staff picked up the first place in Formula Two, with many other teams picking up various category and industry awards.  

Collectively the teams covered 21,858 km / 13,582 miles. According to a Club Med study of British kids the average child has travelled 13,582 miles by its 16th birthday! 

The leading team covered 718km / 446miles. Last years winner covered 426m which as you may recall was the longest recorded distance a Polar Bear had swam. No such tip-bit this year, but it shows the level of competition stepped up a notch!
We will announce total Charitable donations raised hopefully before Christmas.