February 2016 Update

Charitable Work

In February we were delighted to receive pictures of a completed school by Heal Kids Foundation, Myanmar which was funded by The Association of Round Tables in Hong Kong Charitable Foundation.

The school is now open with 70 children. It has been built halfway between two villages so that families from both are able to bring their children.

It is also highly likely that during the next year more children will join from families living further afield who are willing to travel each day to the school with their kids.


During our regular February meeting (first Wednesday of the month. Evening time - newcomers welcome!) we were delighted to receive a presentation from Kay and Stephanie of PathFinders about their wide ranging activities under the heading "Migrant Children Matter."

PathFinders is a Hong Kong Charity. As at the end of the month a funding request has been submitted for our consideration for support linked to their shelters. 

If you wish to contact the charity directly please approach CEO, Kay McArdle kay@pathfinders.org.hk


A repeat donation was approved to The John Fawcett Foundation www.balieye.org, which is an Indonesian focused charity, for a project entitled "Restoring Sight and Preventing Blindness of the Poor in Indonesia". The funding will support trips into some of the most remote areas of Indonesia.

In addition to Round Table 10, which is an English language Table in Hong Kong, two local language Tables are in operation. RT7 and RT9. They continue to support SAGE Tsuen Kwai Tsing Integrated Home Care Services for the period January 2016 to March 2018 with a donation from the ARTHK CF. See www.sage.org.hk for background on this local charity.

Social Focus

1. Dates for the diary: On Thursday, April 21st 2016, we will hold an evening event for current and old tablers, with an emphasis on bringing together former Tablers in Hong Kong, plus some of our friends from amongst our Charities and the Pedal Event. If you are or know old Tablers please pass then our contact details and ask them to get in touch on roundtable10hk@gmail.com

2. Pedal Kart 2016: This year is the 30th Anniversary of the Pedal Kart event in Hong Kong so we'd like to think at this early stage we have big plans, but as many of you know it relies heavily on voluntary effort so if you would like to get involved then drop a note to Bob at hkpedalkart@gmail.com.

The expected date for Pedal Kart 2016 is the weekend of the 12th/13th.