March / April 2016 Update

Charitable Work

At our March meeting (which doubled up as a social as it took place at Ganga's Restaurant, 57-59 Wyndham Street over a curry - see social), we received a presentation from CareER an organisation brought to our attention by Christen. 

They provide training and employment search assistance to the disabled primarily within various HK places of higher education. Our thanks to Walter for the presentation.

Straying for once into supporting operational rather than capital expenditure projects we have supported Walter Tsui and CareER with funding of around HK$30,000.

Via the CEO of Pathfinders the Hong Kong Association of Round Tables Charitable Foundation has also been alerted to a number of other Charities within Hong Kong that we could support. As we go to press Members are studying these Charities and if they meet our criteria reaching out and exploring opportunities. If you are a Charity and have a need of funding then do get in contact via

Operation Breakthrough - Round Table has supported this group a number of times over the years, most recently funding a Dragon Boat which took to the water last month after a traditional ceremony to 'dot the eyes'. The Round Table logo appears on the rear of the boat. Watch out for it competing in various competitions throughout Hong Kong as we get into Dragon Boating season.

In May Ladies Circle, our sister organisation will present to the Table on Charities they have identified and wish to support. Already Members of Round Table have visited two Charities they plan to put forward. Thanks to Members Titus and Christen for an evening each to visit the Charities with Karla the Communities rep at Ladies Circle. Ladies Circle are great supporters of the Pedal Kart event and we seek to reciprocate by supporting Charities they are regularly working with or like ourselves have identied across the wider HK community.

Social Focus

1. Earlier we mentioned that the March meeting took place over a curry. In doing so we were able to attract a few new faces (candidates) bought along by Members. Swatts bought along Philip Quinn and Melvin Byres (both of whom, as at time of publication had just completed their third meeting and were initiated into Round Table 10 - photos to follow in our next edition). Adam Jordan bought along Alex Royall, Gordon bought along Winston Chin. A guest from a Round Table in France also attended - Pierre Andre Desbois.

2. Pedal Kart. Confirmed for 12th / 13th November 2016. Entry forms are now available. Contact Bob at . Its the 30th year and we hope to put on an event that will be remembered for the next 30 years!

1. Daniel had lunch in early March with Nilesh Patel from RTI95 Surat, India. Gordon met (and traded pins) with a Tabler from Nepal. Himanshu was in the region for a JEM and precious stone trade fair. In 2016 it is Nepal's turn to host the annual general meeting of Round Table International (RTI), so Himanshu was able to share some of the exciting itineraries that they have planned for Tablers from around the world. We hope to send at least one representative to the event in September, and maybe even a Pedal Kart to display!

2. April is the Table's busiest month for Birthday's. This came to our attention partly courtesy of our WhataApp group, but also because we have been finalising the Register of Members for the forthcoming EGM to vote on Revised Articles of Association for the Hong Kong Association of Round Tables Charitable Foundation.